How this class works

This is a seminar style class. Before we begin for the semester, it’s important to know what we are doing in this course and what my expectations are:

  • Class time is focused on discussing the readings and examining the principles underlying digital media and technology in a global context. You must bring the book we are discussing that day to class.
  • Outside of class time is even more important. Reading is ESSENTIAL! It is through the readings that you are introduced to the vocabulary, language and concepts we talk about in class.
  • Assignments — there is only one type of assignment: the reading. You will keep a Reading Journal and you will bring a hard copy to be handed in to me for every class. This will be a record of your attendance as well as notes for you to use during class discussion. Be prepared — if you forget your journal print out, you are essentially absent for that class.
  • Papers — There are four (4) short papers and one research paper. The short “conversation” papers put two of the books we are reading into “conversation” with each other by connecting the ideas, concepts and theories from each. The term-long research paper is conducted throughout the second half of the term. Your grade is based on your ability to demonstrate that you have mastered the knowledge you have gained from the readings and discussion and can apply it to a specific case. We will discuss the papers and paper topics in class in the first or second week of the semester.