Week 14: Project Presentations

Read…   Things Due…
  • MILESTONE #4: Project Presentations
  • Conversation Paper #4

Project Presentations of what you
have learned from your research.

Final edited version of your paper is Due May 13, 5:00 pm.

Week 9: WIP Poster Sessions

Read… Things Due…
No Readings
  • MILESTONE #1: WIP poster on your team project

Your WIP Poster presentation is your first Milestone. We will discuss in class what the next two Milestones need to be … the last Milestone is your Final Report to be presented the final day of class… but a Written Report will need to be completed. We can discuss what that needs to be as well.

Week 7: People or things?

Read… Things Due…
Alone Together: pp. 1-150

View: “Generation Like” see below…

  • Reading Journal & Questions – include 1 reflection on “Generation Like” (paper copy brought to class)
  • Conversation Paper #2

Week 6: Surplusers & Laws of Media

Read… Things Due…
Cognitive Surplus: pp. 131-213
  • Reading Journal & Questions (paper copy brought to class)
  • Project Topic

We will brainstorm possible team projects in the second half of class and review Marshall McLuhan’s Laws of Media Tetrad as a method for analyzing the cultural impact of media technologies.