Attendance Policy

Arriving late to class is distracting and disruptive to the flow of class. If you arrive after a group activity has commenced, you are sidelined and remain a spectator for the remainder of the class. If you are chronically late for class, you will risk being asked to drop the class or get an F for the class.

Keep in mind that this class meets ONCE A WEEK. Missing one class is the equivalent of missing a full week of classes that would meet more frequently… it is 1/15th of the course.

Note that there are no “excused” absences. You are either here or you are not. See the PARTICIPATION specification in the GRADING POLICY to assess the impact of an absence. That being said, it is a professional courtesy to let me know if you will not be in class:

  1. If you have a serious reason for missing class and need an accommodation, I will be much more likely to work with you if you have notified me IN ADVANCE.
  2. Not informing me that you will be absent (or late) leaves a bad impression—not only with me, but also with your classmates. Imagine if you were regularly late or absent at your place of employment! It’s unprofessional and disrespectful to everyone.

Keys to doing well in this class are participation, respect, and doing the work. You will do just fine if you keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Show up on time (that means be in class and ready to work a few minutes before class)
  • Turn off all cellphones and beepers. During class, digital devices are for classwork—using them for email, Facebook, chat or games during class time will result in the student being asked to leave the room.
  • Bring your brain to the classroom and use it—be alert, raise questions, debate, generate ideas.
  • If you disagree, do so respectfully and intelligently. Cite examples and demonstrate knowledge.
  • Read the assignments… and more. I will be most impressed when students can connect what they are learning in this class to concepts in other classes or events outside in the “real” world.

A classroom environment conducive to learning is created by both teacher and students. Courtesy and respect for all members of the classroom is expected. I’ll do my bit and I expect you to do yours. Any and all of the above behavior will be considered when I assign class participation points.

If you do have a health or personal emergency, please contact me immediately. Remember, social and personal engagements such as weddings, non-emergency doctor’s appointments, and minor colds and coughs are not emergencies. If you do have a health emergency that requires you to stay in bed and not attend class, you must provide a doctor’s note verifying your inability to attend classes.