Week 9: WIP Poster Sessions

Read… Things Due…
No Readings
  • MILESTONE #1: WIP poster on your team project

Your WIP Poster presentation is your first Milestone. We will discuss in class what the next two Milestones need to be … the last Milestone is your Final Report to be presented the final day of class… but a Written Report will need to be completed. We can discuss what that needs to be as well.

Week 7: People or things?

Read… Things Due…
Alone Together: pp. 1-150

View: “Generation Like” see below…

  • Reading Journal & Questions – include 1 reflection on “Generation Like” (paper copy brought to class)
  • Conversation Paper #2

Here’s a clue for finding connections for your Conversation Papers

Go over your reading journals for the books in question and look for where you might have reflected on connections to the other book — example: “When NewAuthor talks about addiction, I immediately thought about what OldAuthor said…” Of course, you don’t quote your actual reflection in your paper… but you have identified a connection! Use that New Author quote and a connecting quote from the other author in the same paragraph and voilà — you have something to work with. read more