Week 1: Brave New World

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Brave New World

All of it

  • Reading Journal & Questions (paper copy brought to class)

See Reading Journal & Discussion for instructions on creating a reading journal for class.

The readings and due dates are all listed in the Course Schedule (accessible via the link in the menu). Each week, on Tuesday morning, you will receive a reminder of what will be due for the next class. Remember, deadlines are taken seriously. Being prepared for each class’ discussion of the readings are equally so. If you are not prepared for class, you are freeloading on your classmates, expecting them to do all the work. That is not acceptable. Please bring a paper copy of your Reading Journal and the BOOK we are discussing—paper please!! There is nothing more irritating to all of us than watching someone search for a quote on a digital device or see a classroom full of students with their faces looking down at a screen instead of engaging with each other in a dialogue about important issues that are the concern of this course. read more