Welcome to Digital Media in a Global Context

You will quickly learn that this course is not a ringing endorsement for social media—nor is it a stinging critique. It is a Media Ecology course using, as its theoretical foundation, the work of Neil Postman.

Media Ecology looks at media as environment. We also look at works that see both the bright and dark sides of technology. I believe you will find Postman’s writing engaging and eerily relevant to the issues of media and technology we face today. We are reading a little fiction, a little theory and a good dose of critique. It will prove interesting—especially for those of you well tethered to the social media landscape.

The other big difference in this course is that we will not be using media in the classroom—except for YOUR presentations. No iPhones, no iPads, no computers. We’re going back to the pre-digital and using paper and, occasionally, whiteboard markers. Mostly, we will be talking—to each other.

Please make sure you have your texts acquired (purchased because you will be marking them up) PRIOR to our first class on January 29.
You have to read the first book, Brave New World, for the first class!! 
PAPER PRINT VERSIONS ONLY… AND THESE SPECIFIC EDITIONS. Remember, we are leaving our digital tools behind and we all need to be on the same page.


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