To earn the grade listed in this table, the student must COMPLETE all of the items listed under that grade.

I am dead serious about deadlines.
Assignments that are not complete by their deadline do not earn a PASS.

Earned Grade [#Tokens=#NO PASS] D C B A
Reading/Participation [2=1] 6 8 10 12
Conversation Papers [2=1] 1 2 3 4
Paper (steps) [3=1*] 3 of 6 4 of 6 5 of 6 All 6

*only valid on steps 1-5

Weekly Readings/Participation Frequency

In this course, we learn about theories and phenomena concerning digital media and technology. We learn by thinking about, discussing and questioning the impact of digital media technology on our society and by applying that knowledge to analyze the techno-mediascape of social media tools. In most classes, we critically analyze and discuss written works that focus on this area: fiction, critique, theory, social commentary. Reading Journals for each class are used in class to stimulate discussion and provide evidence of assignment completion. This evidence calculates the Reading/Participation frequency grade, e.g., if you are only in class half the time, you cannot have a frequency above 50%. If you are in every class and hand in your reading journal every time, it follows that you will have a Class Participation frequency of 100%.

HOST TOKENS — each time you lead the discussion (host) you earn a TOKEN that can be used to replace a missed reading journal or some other assignment as outlined in the grid above. For other TOKENs, see Extra Credit Opportunities, below.

Conversation Papers

There are four short (500-750 word) “conversation papers” where you will put the ideas of two of the books you have read into conversation with each other. These are not book reports. You will be expected to make connections between the authors’ arguments. The grade earned depends on the number of papers completed to specification.

Term Paper

This course has one required paper in which students conduct a critical analysis. The paper consists of 6 (six) steps. The grade earned depends on the number of steps completed by the deadline. The specifications for each step must be complete for the student to earn a PASS on that step.

Excellent complete papers will be considered for a conference presentation submission.


Attend a designated (ExtraROC) event or talk and post a 300 word comment on the Events @ RWU blog. Each comment (executed to specifications) is worth 1 TOKEN. Maximum number of TOKENS you can attempt is 10 — that’s about one event per week during the semester. Be aware that there are very few allowable events happening during the final two weeks of the semester. So plan ahead.

The number of tokens that can be used to replace a NO PASS is indicated in the table above. Students must indicate, by the last class of the semester, how the token is to be used.

Tokens for Paper Steps can only be applied to a NO PASS on steps 1 through 5. One cannot apply a set of 3 tokens to the last paper step in order to get an A.

Tokens are also awarded for hosting class discussion (getting the conversation started).